Sunday, July 1, 2012

2 months already?

That's right's been 2 months since our sweet little Zoe Jane made her debut. She is absolutely the sweetest thing ever. I guess I'm a little biased but if you spent everyday with her, you would feel the same way ;).

She has grown so much in this short time. Last time we weighed her she was 10 lbs 9 oz (that was about 2 weeks ago. We have her 2 month appt on Tuesday so will get another weight then). She is intentionally smiling, which is amazing. And she makes cute little noises. Her favorite one is "a-goo". When I say it back to her she gets the biggest grin on her face. You say it out will make you smile too. Her head control is so much better. She still bobs a little and occasionally butts it into my shoulder or chest, but overall she is much stronger. She is also very strong during "tummy time" and moves her head from side to side and does her little baby push ups. It's pretty cute. She loves bath time. She seems to enjoy just relaxing and feeling the warm water. She does not, however, like to get dressed for bed after her bath.  But once she falls asleep (between 8:30-9:30 usually) she is out for 4-5 hrs, eats, and then is out for another 3. But come 6 or 6:30, she is awake and all smiles! I started jogging a few weeks ago and she is doing great in the stroller. She sleeps the whole time and usually wakes up when we get home, eats and then lets me eat breakfast. We've got a good system worked out :).

So things are going well. Brian and Magnus are good too :). Oh. We got our VW Bus a few weeks ago! Brian is still working out some kinks with the engine. But it will be up and running and ready for our "maiden voyage" very soon. I will post some pictures of that soon.

Summer here in Ventura has been nice (well, except for almost the entire month of "June Gloom"). Most days have been 70-75. Hopefully it continues. We may be introducing Zoe to the sand on Wednesday. As long as the beaches aren't too crowded.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying their summer!

Here she is at 1 month...

Turning 2 months old is hard work...time for a nap...

Still fits in the very first onsie she wore! (Barely...)

Don't mess with The Zoe

I so wish this one wasn't blurry!

Here's another good smile

Looks like she's laughing!

Working on sitting up!

Hanging out in the Bumbo

And here is one of Zoe and her Dad on Father's Day :)

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Gramma Pam said...

What a super fun post!!! I love it!
and the pictures are laugh-out-loud CUTE, CUTE, CUTE :-)
We are sooooooo excited to have you come up, we want lots of time to play!
I'm so happy you're able to be at home for all these sweet moments..Enjoy every minute!!
love, love, love