Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall Update

Well things have been going great! I'm now over a week into the second trimester and I'm feeling good. I haven't been sick at all. Just tired and hungry all the time! But overall I can't complain too much. I'm already feeling huge though. I know I'm not but it's strange having this belly that I can't suck in! Haha. It's for a good cause though ;)
Brian is doing well. Work is good and his new business is coming along. He's part owner of a Veterinary Imaging business. They have had several clients and things are starting to pick up now that more vets know about them.
And our new pup Magnus is great. He's a pain sometimes but overall he is a good dog. We are working on all the fun training stuff. He doesn't mind the kennel and walks well on the leash (most of the time). It's great having a dog in the house again. And he's pretty darn cute so it makes up for the times that he's not so good.
So that's whats been happening here in Ventura.
P.S. We will be finding out the gender the week after Thanksgiving :)
Here are a few pics...
The peanut
"The Belly" @ 15 weeks
Brian and Magnus at the pumpkin patch


Erica said...

Wow you are carrying high....I am guessing ALL GIRL!!

Pam said...

Look what I've missed..your blog post! How super cute--both of you!! :-)
You look absolutely gorgeous...love that color on you ...& that is NOT a big belly! Can't wait to find out pink or blue..isn't that the cutest little peanut!!!!
also anxious to see you in just a couple of weeks!! Enjoy every minute of this glorious experience..pg is wonderful!
Hugs to Brian & Magnus :-) everything sounds really good.
Miss you & love you tons, Mom